If we want to maintain security of our house or office or any sort of business we use wireless camera system.We can basically visualize more than one place. In simple words we want security from intruder. It can be installed for various purposes whether it is in home or an organization. You can check IP Cameras – NVR- Network video Recorders for the best price for all tops selling CCTV brands through the web.

Advantages of wireless camera system

  • No need of cords of cables-No cables are required because it is wireless system.
  • Easy to install-no major installation issues are there
  • Megapixel cameras can give good closer view-while sitting in one place we can visualize other place and see exactly what is going on there.
  • Cost effective.
  • Easily portable-can be easily transferred or carried from one place to another.
  • Suitable in areas where there is difficulty of laying cables-it basically include remote areas where there is difficulty of deploying cables.
  • Flexible
  • Difficult for intruder to interfere in functioning of cameras

wireless IP camera system

Types of wireless security camera

Analog wireless

Transmission of audio and video signals using radio frequencies.It has transmission rate of around 300 feet.

Digital wireless cameras

Transmission of audio and video analog signals over high frequencies.It has transmission rate of around 450 feet. These wireless cameras are very popular nowadays. You can check online catalog to view the latest types of digital wireless cameras.

Uses and applications

  • Home security systems

Wireless camera is used in homes for security purposes helps in tracking theft or unknown person at the entrance. These camera systems can easily be tracked by the computer systems.

  • Law related areas

Areas Of crime which include robbery,theft etc.

  • Business purpose

Helps business man to easily track what is going on in their organization.


Primary points while installing a camera

Place of installing it whether it is indoors or outdoors. What is the range and scope of cameras we have been using?

Location where receiver need to be installed. You can also take help from a professional company to install a company.


  1. Initial setup cost is high.
  2. Hacking is the major concern.
  3. High network bandwidth requirements.
  4. Public network connection is difficult to setup in some areas.