There are different types of dried plums that people can try. There is Li Hing Mui which is described as a salty dried one. It has a distinct and strong flavor and this is often the reason why people love it. Not all do of course given its sweet, sour and salty combination. It is very rare for those who do not usually consume its like.

The powder used to make it is a red powder and made of plum skin that is ground up. Expect some out of this world combination of spices which makes it really distinctive. There is also a food coloring added to all the more define its red color. Its powder can also be sprinkled on fruits and candies.

In United States, if you are looking for this one, you can buy it in Hawaii. This is where children like to play it gummy bears by putting this type of powder. It is rare but whatever as long as they enjoy whatever they are seeing and eating then it is definitely good to go.

Another thing is your alcoholic beverage. It would be like a twist but it definitely will make your drink one of a kind. Recently, people have been adding it into their drinks particularly cocktails and tequila like who does not want tequila with a twist in the weirdest way. This is definitely enjoyable for some who like to experiment and get wasted.

Just imagine your bottle of tequila with plum seeds and all that, that would be truly exciting. Adding it, wait for a few weeks before it can change the flavor of your tequila. It will definitely give the best flavored alcoholic drink one would die for.

The powder can also be used on various plum types. It also comes in different colors so it can be that exciting. The most common however is red which is popular to be added on fruits and other varieties. The thought is simply amazing how a plum seed can definitely make a difference out of some food and drinks then ultimately, appetite of the people.

Despite it being sold in convenience stores, it also has its place in fine dining like yes. It can be drizzled on your salad as a dressing or sprinkled it on other menu so long as you want it. No one and nothing can stop your from experimenting. Just be sure you know to consume it and not waste your food.

It will not be hard for you therefore to find one and try it. It is definitely sold everywhere despite some hating its weird taste. Weird of course for some but people who love it can certainly buy and consume it without feeling guilty or what. If you want to enjoy while eating it then do so with excitement and a challenging heart.

All the given details given here are just few of the details that you need to know about it. If you want to know more then make sure to research first and make some important decisions in the process. Be sure to perform what is good for you and avoid all the bad things in the process.