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Vinyl Floor Tiles – A Guide

Vinyl first came into being as a light-weight and durable building material during World War II. As more and more use of this product began being discovered, vinyl entered into the commercial market with a vengeance. Today, one very important usage of this chemical is in the flooring industry in the form of vinyl floor tiles. To know more about floor tiles you can contact with Tiling Perth for Wall and Floor Tiling Perth at Gun Tiling.

Vinyl resin combined side the additives is known as plastic chemical in industry parlance.  There are two ways of making tiles Using This chemical:·The chemical has been heated to a higher fever, as well as the liquid poured into molds·

The chemical is fed by way of some pliers that slowly squeeze the material into the judge necessary for this heap.  This system is also named “calendaring”, and it is a exceptional feature of this plastic chemical.  The sheet hence formed undergoes a coat meant to boost resistance to abrasions and stains.


Vinyl tiles have been categorized into these:·Strong Vinyl: this specific tile type comprises higher vinyl material (therefore is really a purer form of vinyl).In reality, it had been the versatility of VCT that grabbed the interest of the people as it was initially presented in an Exposition at Chicago during the World War II days.

Based upon the makeup of this material, vinyl tiles are apt to possess variance in faculties, resulting in decisions with regards to if certain vinyl is significantly less or more acceptable to be installed at your bathrooms, door, or cellar.

From the VCT, as an instance, manufacturers incorporate a printed design coating generated through a rotogravure printing procedure.  This layout coating is the thing that provides vinyl floor tiles those gorgeous layouts and colors and glow, which makes them more attractive.  It’s in VCT again that manufacturers sheath a high heeled “wear” coating ontop, to be able to withstand heavy traffic.

Vinyl floor tiles are priced anywhere from 29 cents to four dollars per square feet. The price is dependent on the tile’s thickness, color and design. A thicker tile will cost more. Special, “embossed-in-register” tiles have been crafted with that extra attention which naturally raises their price.