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Ways To Slay Formal Attire!

How a man dresses depicts his class. A well dressed man leaves a lasting impression at a person. Like it is rightly said that first impression makes the last impression, if you succeed in catching interviewers eye at first glance (for a job) you are likely to have won half the battle. Dressing well is not about wearing expensive mens suits accessories and fabric, but how a man pairs up all the things he has. Even with an average piece of cloth, clean and skilled tailoring services can turn it into a masterpiece. Boys like to dress casually. A pair of old jeans, a hoodie and a comfortable sneakers is all they want. But what differentiates a boy from a man is the formal attire.

People often tend to believe that a blazer and a pants are all that makes a formal attire. Working on detail while dressing up is what will leave a mark on the occasion that other will not. Here are some of the ideas to slay occasions with your formal attire:

Wedding events: This is a whole suited event. If you are the groom, there are dedicated shops for mens suits for wedding to shop for the attire. Wedding is a vibrant affair. Relaxed and light colours should be preferred for the suit. Pair a white blazer with black pants and black shoes. A hipster may pull off a whole white suit as well.

Corporate parties: Business casual is the term for it. Keep it easy unlike a corporate meeting. Wear a blazer and feel free to pair it with plain denim and loafers.

Corporate meeting: This is the occasion to dress up in old school formal. A rather professional affair. Wear a subtle formal jacket and pants preferably gray. Pair it with patterned tie and a light shirt.

Prom: Tuxedos are perfect for the moment. The choice of colours is wide as well. There is room to play with the hues at your college prom night.