Social Media Marketing seems to be the newest buzz word for anyone looking to improve their online presence and sales, but is Social Media Marketing (SMM) all it is cracked up to be?

S.M.M companies are now springing up all over the place these days and they are telling anyone that will listen about how incredibly powerful social media like Facebook twitter and YouTube are to your business but, for the average small to medium sized business, does marketing to social networks really live up to all the hype?

Is spending a small fortune on hiring an SMM company really worth it? And has anyone really done their research on this before they hired someone to set up their Facebook business page? For more information, you can prefer

Some SMM companies are setting up things like Facebook business pages (which are free) for $600 to $1,000 or more and telling their clients that they don't want a website because Facebook is the largest social network in the world and everybody has a Facebook account.

Now while it may be true that Facebook is the largest social network in the world and yes, Facebook's users are potential consumers, the real question is are they actually purchasing?

Social media marketing companies are all too glad to point out the positives of social media like how many people use Facebook or how many tweets were sent out last year and how many people watch YouTube videos etc.