Property is described nowadays as the possessions of an individual or group. There are lots of kinds of property: real property or property, personal property which includes other physical possessions and intellectual one which includes right over inventions, artistic creations as well as others.

There are a number of rights associated with land and these are the most frequent rights in today: the right to any benefits of this house; overall control of the use of the house; the right to sell or transfer the property and the right to exclude others from the possessed possessions.

Socialism, as an instance, is based on the severe critic of the concept of land, sustaining ideas and ideals for the benefit of the whole society and against the landlords with enormous land possessions. Check out the online website if you want to know more about New Property For Sale.

Communism says that collective ownership is the alternative to social inequity and unjustness, being worried about destroying the notion of private property ownership. The labor theory of property is sustained by the majority of thinkers that were classical liberals, and people who belong to other similar customs.

There were different viewpoints regarding property in doctrine, beginning with the ancient doctrine, continuing with pre-industrial English doctrine and ending with modern philosophy. This was the subject of great attention and worries, giving birth to conflicts, wars and even crusades. The issue of owning more property, of getting powerful landlords was the primary cause of invasions and wars.

The crusades can be considered from the perspective of getting the owner of the sacred property. From that point of view possessions and the concept of power, control could be regarded as the sole cause of inhuman actions.