Being a Wellness Educator I teach college students and train clients from ages 2 to 84. The fitness/wellness training program is personalized for every client. Behaviour modification is the cornerstone of my program! Making positive lifestyle changes can be difficult. The earlier you change your behaviour, the easier it becomes. You can explore the web,if you are looking for best Boarding School in NYC, New York for your child.

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Resistance exercise is possible for children as young as three months old. The objective is to make the activity a fun time which they will enjoy as well as look forward to. An additional benefit is the bonding time spent between parent and child. The key is making the workout a positive experience! As a toddler, my daughter, who is now 13 years old, would often observe my workouts. As she watched my facial expressions, she would invariably associate my workouts as a fun time.

There are a number of helpful objects or aids that can be used in resistance exercise for the child. Obviously, barbells, dumbbells, and weight lift machines are out of the question. It would be most advantageous to use items that the child is already familiar with like: sponge balls, small books, and tennis balls. Toys made from foam or other soft materials or even fruit like bananas can be used effectively as resistance. A child's bench can be used for cardiovascular exercises like in-place "step-up."

Teaching proper exercise techniques to children must always be done by someone who is familiar with the physiology of the child; preferably, by one who has received formal education in exercise science and kinesiology or specific training in physical fitness.