Home ventilation is quite important as it effectively eliminates nasty smells, pollution, humidity and water vapors, while at exactly the exact same time brings in the house clean and fresh air that most of us need to survive. Of course, ventilation has to be constantly controlled because a port fan does not need to work all of the time. 

The modern ventilation system (which is also known as “ระบบระบายอากาศ” in the Thai language) has become very intricate and sophisticated and with all the many forms available today, an individual can easily use the perfect model to properly ventilate any area, whatever the degree of moisture there is in the area. 

For the attic, the most important reason is that the exhaust system will essentially extend its life shelf by keeping it dry and the temperature changes to a minimum. The roofing has many times trapped moisture and warmth coming from outside and from the house, and the condensation that’s caused by this will damage the area quite quickly. 

Regardless of what material you’ve got over your mind, it is going to get destroyed without proper home ventilation. The wood will warp, bend and crack. The metal will rust and if you have nails in the wood, those will rust also. It isn’t unheard of for a whole roof to really collapse and upon closer inspection, correct home exhausting is the principal cause for the damages.