The boat license is a standard license, which allows and enables them to operate motor or sail boats.

To get the license, you must pass a practical exam. In addition to the practical test, you have to pass a theory test, which consists of a sheet with 30 exam questions. If you have previously passed a part of the test, you only need to pass the failed part reached.For example, if you now own a boat license "internal" (for inland waters), you need to fill the boat drivers "lake" (for coastal waters) only the theoretical part of "lake" exist.

The disadvantage of the books is that the topic is ordered. If you want to put you in a real exam situation, you should use the practice sheets for the respective license.These sheets are like to those in the tests. You get a bow (at any driver's license) with 30 specific exam questions. there are four potential answers (multiple choice) to each question. If you previously have a driver's license, you need the base no longer edit (seven questions).Boat exams are an essential way to get boat licence.

On the Internet, you will find many providers who have asked the exam questions online. The use is free in most cases, you can explore on the computer checking the questions. The solutions (with explanations) made at the end of each test block.

Many boat schools offer one- or two-week courses in which you all the test content (practical and theoretical) conveys in intensive learning units. You can then take both exams and use your newly acquired knowledge immediately.