The origin of your fears is easily identified through vision interpretation because the unconscious mind shows you the truth. The free psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in your dreams helps you interpret your past and understand in which points your previous shocks are still influencing your mind and your behavior.

The dream language is the same for all dreamers of the world and it doesn't depend on the dreamer's opinion. The dream language is specific. Once you learn the meaning of the basic dream symbols and you understand the dream logic, you are able to translate the meaning of dreams forever. You can learn how to overcome your fear of confined spaces by visiting

The unconscious mind is God's mind, what means that the information you have in dreams can be trusted. This is a spectacular alternative you cannot have in the hypocritical world, where you cannot trust anyone. The divine unconscious mind is your natural protector.

The unconscious mind shows you in your dreams all the mistakes you make because you are a slave of your psychological type. You have inherited various behavioral programs that predetermine the functioning of your learning mechanism. 

In other words, you have inherited a series of reactions already programmed in your brain, which depend on the psychological function that defines your psychological type.