A new form of digital currency is out in the market. Bitcoin is the most popular currency used worldwide. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency. Like paper-currency bit can buy your goods, products or services.

Yet very few merchants are accepting bitcoins. Buy bitcoins are getting more popular these days and well accepted by the merchants. Bitcoins are not managed by a government agency or bank. Bitcoins can be transferred easily from one computer to another in matters of few seconds.

The process of creating bitcoin is called bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining company use computer software to solve complex algorithm that creates bitcoin for you. Bitcoins are not managed by the central bank or government authorities. There is a limited number of bitcoins available in the market. The maximum number of bitcoin can be created is 21 million coins.

Around 12.1 million are created already. As more people create bitcoins it value goes on increasing day by day. You can bitcoins through bitcoin exchange as well. Bitcoin is a new concept yet to be accepted by everyone. But merchants selling products online are allowing the customer to pay using bitcoins.

However, in brick-mortar store very few merchants accept bitcoins. Still, bitcoin is in its early stages of the technological revolution. But surely change is happening slowly and gradually all over the globe.