Controlling who has access to your guns is a vitally important aspect of gun safety. Many gun owners want to keep their guns for protection, as well as recreational activities like hunting. Having your guns close at hand in the case of an emergency or an intruder, is a major priority for many gun owners. An issue that can arise is that partners or friends feel uncomfortable in the presence of firearms. A solution to this problem is to to use a gun concealment bench which stores guns in plain sight, but without sacrificing quick access.

The benches come with a hidden locked compartment which can usually store several long guns, and many have a tray to store smaller guns such as pistols. Many are also lined with soft fabrics so to keep your guns from becoming scratched. All gun concealment benches should come with a secure and sturdy lock for the gun compartment so as to keep your guns out of the hands of children or other unauthorized users.

The key characteristic of gun concealment benches is that they can be disguised as innocuous, everyday household furniture such as upholstered benches, coffee tables, or trunks. Many concealment benches also come with a false shelf which can be used to store blankets and or sportsmen accessories. If someone were to open the bench they would see a storage chest for various textiles and look no further. If they do, they will come across the locked compartment and meet a dead end.