Stainless steel pipe welding is hard work. If you’re able to get it done and do this, you’re the guy and you’ll never go thirsty. Nonetheless, it requires a while attention to detail to do it correctly.

The main thing which separates the people from people that is the actual welders in the pole burners is your willingness to follow processes for steel stainless steel. You can contact ‘SK foot valve’ (which is also known as ‘วาล์วเท้า SK’ in the Thai language), in order to get more info about stainless steel pipe fitting and welding.

Procedures like awaiting the tube to cool between moves, maintaining the alluring tip of the pole protected with argon, snipping the suggestion of this tag welding rod once it gets crapped upward, maintaining your innermost sharp.

Among the chief procedures, we are speaking about is PURGE. Stainless steel has to be purged with argon gas to be able to stop sugaring. Sugaring is also referred to as granulation. However, it’s intense oxidation regardless of what you call it.

You can’t get away with tack welding with no argon purge which protects the rear side or interior of the tube. So how can you take action? How can you protect the rear side with argon?

Normally it’s performed with aluminum duct tape. The endings of a stainless steel pipe have been taped closed and the entire interior is purged with argon gas.

The opening at the tube joint itself is recorded so argon can fill out the whole pipe and push any oxygen. The tape has been peeled back only enough to acquire a tack when the tube is purge enough.