Roundup Weed Killer could have the ability to eliminate unwanted weeds and weeds, but most in the scientific and medical community are now questioning how secure the item is if people are subjected to it.

Roundup is an herbicide which includes the active ingredient, glyphosate, which aims a plant’s receptor.

Monsanto, the company that produces Roundup, states that “farmers in addition to homeowners and many others have already been using Roundup and other glyphosate products for over 40 decades.

Further studies have connected Roundup into non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or NHL, a cancer that starts in the tissues of the immune and lymphatic system.

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These new studies, and reports of health issues among people that have long-term exposure to Roundup and associated products, are currently encouraging lawsuits against Monsanto.

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Those suits accuse the business of understanding about the connection between Roundup and cancer for at least 30 decades, and failing to warn users of the risks.

Court documents show that Monsanto purposely produced a campaign of misinformation so as to manipulate government agencies and the general public into thinking the product is secure.


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