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Epoxy Floor Contractors And The Pros And Cons Of This Coating

Floors are among the most used part of the house or building which is the reason they are the ones that get damaged or dirty easily. They may develop some cracks after some time of putting heavy objects on them, specially when the item is not placed properly. Scratches might be another problem when things are dragged on them.

That is why having a durable surface for your flooring is important to improve its longevity and enhance its quality. You can hire Ohio epoxy floor contractors to apply this kind of coating on them at your industrial or commercial establishment. Having this in those places is better because they look professional and bright when compared to others.

There are some advantages when choosing epoxy as your flooring such as its affordability compared to other kinds. This is because they could be directly installed over different types of flooring like concrete making the cost of installing them lower. Other products are having a hard time of beating their pricing as well.

These coatings are very resistant to almost anything like cleansers, transmission fluid, bleach, gasoline and oil. This is why they are usually used in the automotive industry and garages as well as its resistance to water and heat. These products are almost impervious to the majority of chemical spills without getting any negative effects.

Hospitals and clinics also prefer this because of the easiness in sanitizing them and their resistance to germs and bacteria. Epoxy also has a longer lifespan when compared to most floor types with only one material beating it which is concrete. That is fine since using this kind of coating still requires you to have concrete beneath it which also adds to its durability.

This flooring protects the concrete underneath if from cracks, grease, stains and moisture and can save you a lot of money for maintenance and cleaning. Expenses are lowered since the need to clean grout or carpet is not necessary anymore and the price is reasonable for what it offers. Specially when this is installed properly, it would last for many decades without peeling or crackling, making it popular for industrial and commercial use.

Decorating your floors is possible with epoxy also since it is available in various colors which add a smooth, flawless and elegant shine. You may arrange the flooring into personalized or traditional designs and patterns, making it an economical choice for upgrading a plain concrete and improving the ambiance inside the office or your home.

There are also some disadvantages when using this option for your flooring needs such as the tediousness in preparing the existing floor. This is because it is necessary for the concrete floors to not have any solvents, oil or grease before it is applied. Cracks should be filled too, with multiple attempts needed in cleaning it.

Aside from the needed preparation to making the floor ready, the process of applying it is also time consuming. Several days must pass for it to properly dry. And before you can apply the second coat, you should wait for the first coat to completely dry as well.