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Pros And Cons Of Bathtub Reglazing And Reasons For Choosing It

Most, if not all, fixtures and furniture in your house ages and their appearance changes to show this which is usually not a good sight. These items are usually replaced with newer ones that typically have a better quality than the older objects. But not all things are replaceable because of their size and how they were installed like bathtubs.

Those made from the older times were well designed compared to more modern versions which makes them ideal to be used continuously but they can get stained, dingy, rusty or have some cracks. That is why most people choose bathtub reglazing to give them a new life by fixing them and coating their surface. The coats can be done to look like its original appearance or have a new color on it.

Replacing them would be a hassle since the plumbing was made to work around its location and it will need to be changed when you have it replaced. Removing the old bathtub involves a lot of work also which usually means destroying it into smaller pieces to make it fit the door. This can consume a great amount of time, effort and money.

Reglazing has its own pros and cons as well that you should consider when deciding on what to you should choose. If your bathtub is an older one with a great design and have its own character then this option is the better choice. But if ever you have a modern version with questionable quality then it is better to buy a newer one instead.

If you choose to have it reglazed, set aside a lot of time for it because this option is not a quick fix if ever you like to have something done to it today. This process takes longer not because of the installation work that is required for it. It would take longer because it needs to cure the coating for at least a week before being usable.

You can save money when you do this project yourself compared to removing and replacing the old one. But if you did it improperly then you need to perform the process again and buy another kit for it which is an additional expense. You may hire professionals to do it instead which is still cheaper than the replacement option.

The character of your old tub could be kept when you reglaze it since the newer ones are not as large or stylish as them. This is ideal if ever you want to maintain the old decors and just like to brighten the room. But if you prefer new decorations then the coats are also available in various colors.

Hiring professionals for this job is more expensive though the results are usually better looking than doing it yourself. The glaze they use also adheres more and might make the tub look like a brand new piece after their work is done. This is because they know some techniques for a great appearance and have different products at their disposal.

Be sure to choose a reputable professional when you want it reglazed. Check their previous works and determine if you like their quality. Ask how much they charge and compare with others.