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Elements Of A Suspended Scaffold

In every construction job, Scaffold Hire service has become a necessity. Scaffolding is used in all types of construction, renovation, repair and maintenance tasks. In metropolitans like Sydney, some types of scaffold are put in regular use and maybe owned by the concern.

A suspended is a dependent scaffold supported from hooks using ropes and pulleys. It can be used for day to repair works, daily exterior cleaning etc. Elements of a suspended scaffold are:


Scaffold is suspended freely through anchorage. Anchorage must be strong and secure and capable enough to handle the load of the scaffold. Make sure that is not prone to being broken when scaffold is raised or lowered.


Scaffold Sydney companies are subject to safety and health standards and thus required to take adequate steps to prevent hazards.The supports installed to keep suspended scaffolds in air comfortable should be capable enough of handling at least 4 times the weight of scaffold.

Access equipment

Normally, access to scaffold platform is done by simply stepping on it through roof, sometimes stairs and harness is used to access the platform.

Fall Protection Components

Hazards associated with suspended scaffolds are numerous. Most of them is related to falling from the platform. Thus fall protection system that is certified for use must be put in operation to prevent falling hazards. Guardrail systems must be attached to the scaffold to hazards from any imbalance.


Platform is the base of the scaffold. It is the main area of suspended scaffold where material and workers settle. Platform must be capable of handling varying loads without breaking. It must be made of durable material and fitted properly.

Electrical Hazards

Risk of electrical hazards associated with scaffolds is high. Usually scaffold is built up of metal and used in close proximity of power lines. Insulation gloves and rubber shoes  must be used by the workers. Verification must be carried to ensure risk is kept under control.