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Benefits and drawbacks of Talcum powder

Whenever we believe the pros and cons of talcum powder and infant natural powder, then it is apparent that infant powder is far safer to use.

A baby natural powder is not just safe for babies, also for parents. Talc, on the other palm, has many downsides and may pose health risks.

The chemical components in talc, such as silicates, are finely ground, which are frequently carried by the surroundings, and can reach our bronchi.

Talc absorbs moisture; therefore we make use of it to prevent perspiration. But this causes much damage to our skin.

Getting the most out of talc around genitalia regions, armpits can cause tumors. In females, it’s stated to enhance the threat of ovarian tumor, if the debris travels through the vagina into the ovary.

It should be mentioned that the hyperlink between talc and tumor is debated, and there are no conclusive results about whether talc increases cancer risk. You can click here to know more about the Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

Additionally, it is the asbestos in talc that poses the opportunity of tumors. The International Organization for Research on Cancers claims that talc consisting of asbestos is a carcinogen to humans.

Inhalation of talc by infants triggers asphyxiation and chocking. So, it surely is advised to maintain talcum natural powder from these reach, instead of to use it on the gentle skin to prevent diaper rash and perspiration.