DEPUY SYNTHES ATTUNE Leg LAWSUITS: The DePuy Attune Leg System was approved by the FDA this year 2010 through the questionable 510(k) fast-track endorsement program, and therefore DePuy and it’s really father or mother company, Johnson & Johnson, only was required to prove that these devices was “substantially comparable” to existing implants. Since about March 2013, the DePuy Attune leg has been extensively utilized by doctors throughout america.

Although DePuy Attune leg was sold as an progressive design, that was made to provide an improved flexibility and stableness among individuals doing every day activities, it’s been associated with a higher-than-expected rate of problems and inability, often leading to the necessity for revision surgery to eliminate the DePuy Attune leg and replace it with another device.

Oftentimes, the DePuy Attune failures have been associated with tibial baseplate loosening, following the cement connection failed between your tibial baseplate and all of those other implant. You can visit to know more about the Depuy attune knee lawsuit.

By June 2017, the FDA has received about 1,400 studies of DePuy Attune Leg problems through its Company and User Service Device Experience (MAUDE) system, which obtains reports of negative medical device studies from manufacturers, as well as importers and places where in fact the devices are being used.